Nabovarme and 34c3 presentation

Collaborated on initial prototypes for MeterLogger and MeterLoggerWIFI as well as the Chaos Communication Congress 34c3 2017 presentation.

Project “Nabovarme” (meaning “neighbour heating”) has transformed private heating necessity in Christiania into a social experiment build on OpenSource software/hardware and social empowerment by transforming heat consumers into Nabovarme Users and letting them take ownership to infrastructure and consumption.

We hacked Kamstrup Utility meters and installed an ESP8266 wifi mcu based daughterboard in them to report back consumption and to allow for remote control of valves.


Nabovarme data has been turned into a live audio stream in the art project Radio Nabovarme.

In the media

Nabovarme has spoken at several conferences:

  • Watch 34c3 the presentation here.
  • Watch the Energy Tech 2018 presentation here

Nabovarme has been covered in depth (and in danish) by the Danish newspaper Ingeniøren, read the article here

Website for nabovarme can be visited here